Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cargo Bike roll call

Last Saturday, West Town Bikes/Ciclo Urbano hosted a special social event: the 2nd Cargo Bike Roll Call.  It was a very social evening, with many families in attendance.

I'll let the pictures tell most of the story.

Anne Alt, Jennifer James, Elizabeth Bartom
Cargo bike line-up
Sound bike
Kids' table
Alex WIlson and Doug Hinckley
Taking in the scene
This kayak-hauling rig was quite an assembly.
Two Bikes at Work trailers are hitched to provide support,
with large tote boxes for additional items.
Kids going for a ride
If I was a little kid, I think I'd be jealous of this creative child seat.
Note the pink bike attached at left, brought along to allow the child to ride as long as she's able,
then loaded up when she's too tired to ride on her own.
Alex's yellow bike and others
Thanks to Steve Vance, Alex Wilson and everyone else
who helped make this special evening possible.

My own little grocery-hauling trailer.
Seeing such a wide range of kid and cargo hauling rigs in one place was really inspirational and suggested that cargo bike solutions may be limited only by one's imagination, ability to build it (or find someone who can), and ability to pedal the rig. 

    - Anne Alt

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