Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pampered Century: you can do it

Whether you have many centuries to your credit, or this would be your first one, you should come along on the Pampered Century next year.  It was previously called the Slower Century, but over the years that has changed.  The pace for this year was 15 to 19 mph. 

There were 23 riders on the 2012 edition of the Pampered Century, which featured ideal summer weather, including a tail wind on the way home and sunny skies. 

Why call it the Pampered Century?  We have rest stops at least every 17 to 19 miles along the way, so you have a chance to recharge for that next 18-mile ride - real rest stops, just like an invitational ride.  Jim Kreps has his truck stocked with juices, water, energy drinks and bars, bagels, fruit, pretzels and chips, cookies and more.  In addition, Jim is the mobile bike shop and can take care of that problem that develops along the way. 

McClory Trail, Lake Bluff
Jim made a grocery stop along the way to buy lunch for the mid point at the Kenosha Velodrome.  We feasted on at least a half dozen different types of meats, cheese, peanut butter/jelly, chips, chocolate milk, soda and more stuff than I can remember.  

In case you don’t feel you can make it or your bike lets you down, you can ride in the truck to the next rest stop or all the way back if needed.  A couple people did so, but most everybody made it.  We had four riders doing their first century.

Stopping at the Kenosha velodrome
I change the ride every year and made a few tweaks this year too.  It’s not your usual century route, because I look for the offbeat routes to make the ride as interesting as possible.  However, I still have several segments of four to six miles straight, which lets you open up too.

Come along on the Pampered Century next year!   Look for it sometime in August.
    -- Art Gilfand

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