Friday, December 14, 2012

coming TODAY: Dearborn

Many of you have been following the installation progress of the new Dearborn protected bike lanes, as I have.  As signage has been installed this week and new bike stoplights have been activated and tested,  anticipation has grown.

One of the challenges with the introduction of these protected lanes and many others is public resistance by people who don't understand how the new road configuration is supposed to work and don't necessarily get the idea of bikes as transportation.

We can help overcome that resistance by showing public support for improvements that make bicycling easier in Chicago.  This can include thanking our aldermen, CDOT and the mayor, writing letters to the editor, or explaining new bike facilities to friends, family and co-workers who don't get it.

Today you can show your support in a very visible way for this innovative and controversial project.  Come to the CDOT press conference planned for the official opening.  It's happening at 1:00 p.m. today at 700 S. Dearborn (small park/plaza halfway between Polk and Harrison).

    - Anne Alt

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