Thursday, May 3, 2012

bike racks stolen from cars

The following disturbing news came today from Alderman Scott Waguespack of the 32nd ward:

There was a rash of bike rack thefts last night in Bucktown and Wicker Park.  

My dad had his ripped off his car with a claw hammer. They destroyed his rooftop. 

Most were Thules from what I could make out. 

You might want to send an alert to any friends with racks. I posted on Everyblock and Facebook. As if bikes aren't enough, now they want the racks. -- Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward Alderman

If you have a good quality bike rack on your car, you may not want to leave that rack on the car if it's on the street at night. Please share this info with friends who have racks on their cars, and keep your eyes open for thieves in action. Hopefully someone will spot these thieves and call 911 so they'll get caught SOON.

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