Monday, May 14, 2012

watch out for bikes stolen from Blue City


Blue City Cycles was broken into Friday night and 10 bikes were stolen. They recovered 4 of them at Swap-o-rama yesterday and another later. Keep your eyes open for the 5 that are still missing.

I've added links to the manufacturers' web sites for pictures of the specific models.  The Yuba Mundo cargo bike is the most recognizable.  There aren't many of those around town.

-Terry Symmetry, red/white - FOUND

-Torker Interurban, Matte Blue, 54cm, ISBS11D10279, $625

-Torker, U-District, Navy Blue, 56cm, ISBS12B01853, $370

-GT, Traffic 4.0, Matte Grey, XL, City Hybrid, SNMNG09K8372, $475

-GT Nomad, Navy Blue, Small womens, Comfort Hybrid, SNMNG11D84556 $410

-Yuba Mundo, Cargo bike, Blue, one size fits all, ACA11A008335 $1175

If you see any of these bikes, please notify the folks at Blue City.